What Preparation for Civil Defense?—Part I

Issue 8 and Volume 94.

What Preparation for Civil Defense?—Part I A Symposium IN an effort to secure a nationwide picture of what is today being accomplished in the way of civil defense, FIRE ENGINEERING recently made a mail survey of over two hundred cities large and small, and located in all parts of the country. Questionnaires were sent to Fire Chiefs asking specifically how far the local defense program had advanced, what it included, and what suggestions might be made for its further development. The two hundred odd replies received showed activity in varying degrees. Some inland cities are doing practically nothing while others, mostly along the seaboard, are taking their work seriously. Apparently the public in the central part of the country is less affected by hysteria than those in the Fast and around Washington. They seem to look at the problem calmly and with apparent realization that attack or invasion, contrary to…

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