Safety Devices fo Stop Theatre Panics

Issue 8 and Volume 94.

Safety Devices fo Stop Theatre Panics Two ingenious safety devices for preventing fire panic from breaking out in theatre crowds were discussed by Earl R. Morin of Fairfield, Conn., theatre inspector for the Connecticut State Police Department, at the recent convention of the Society of Motion Picture Engineers held at Rochester, N. Y. Inspector Morin was the first policeman ever to address the society, which includes 1,200 engineers whose talent and research are said to be responsible for the scientific advances of the industry that has produced films ranging from “Gone With the Wind” to Mickey Mouse cartoons. Morin, who does considerable research work on theatre fire control, demonstrated a model projection booth and an air-conditioning control system, the first aimed at controlling and localizing any projection booth fires, and the second at eliminating the threat of panic if smoke is drawn into a theatre air-conditioning system from a fire…

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