The Place of Life Nets in Defense Preparedness

Issue 8 and Volume 94.

The Place of Life Nets in Defense Preparedness The situation today with regard to life hazards in industry is much more aggravated than normally, for many factories are filled with national defense work and many of them, of questionable structural condition, are crowded with employees. Increased fires are occurring, and will occur in the future. More fire fighting equipment is needed, as well as improved life saving equipment. In many old factories, once a blaze get under way. it is possible that workers may be trapped on upper floors—trapped beyond the reach of ladders, or perhaps before the department has time to raise ladders. Specific examples of where life nets : may prove particularly valuable follow: There may not be time for a department to raise aerial ladders: In considering the number of old reconditioned factories and the widespread usage of chemicals and inflammables, it is possible that fires on…

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