$7,455,000 Needed for Fire Fighting

Issue 8 and Volume 94.

$7,455,000 Needed for Fire Fighting According to the State Council of Defense, Rhode Island needs §7,455,000 worth of fire fighting equipment to place its protection departments in readiness for any emergency. This figure, based on an estimate of need made by the home defense committee of the Fire Chiefs Club of Rhode Island, would be sufficient to set up auxiliary fire stations and to holster present weak spots in the State’s fire fighting systems. In addition to the money needed to buy fire fighting equipment, the sum of $400,000 would be required for a statewide communicating system and fire alarm system tying in nearly all communities, several of which now are unprotected, and covering eighty-five per cent of the population and ninety per cent of the industrial area. SAFETY FIRST A drunk who had boarded a double deck bus and stumbled up to the top deck, came rolling down the…

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