Chief Houston Marks Twentyfifth Anniversary

Issue 8 and Volume 94.

Chief Houston Marks Twentyfifth Anniversary Chief Barney J. Houston is celebrating his twenty-fifth year as head of the Cincinnati, Ohio, Fire Department. Chief Houston, who has been with the department for thirty-eight years, was instrumental in organizing the Fire Prevention Bureau. The establishment of the bureau came about as a result of an accident. Chief Houston was injured and hospitalized as a result. He prevailed upon the Chief, his superior, to permit him to establish the bureau during the period of his convalescence. The bureau proved its worth at once. Fires were reduced that year and he was made supervisor of the bureau. In 1916, when Chief Houston assumed the leadership of the department, it ranked twenty-seventh in rating on efficiency and effectiveness. In 1940, the local department took first place and was awarded a plaque by the United StateChamber of Commerce. Also, since he headed up the department, there…

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