Issue 8 and Volume 94.

NEW YORK STARTS SCHOOLS FOR TRAINING AUXILIARIES Special Handbook of Instruction Prepared by Asst. Chief J. J. McCarthy The New York Fire Department on July 29 started a sixty hours’ course of training for volunteers for civilian fire defense. Several thousand enrollees in the Emergency Auxiliary Corps reported for instruction at the 341 engine and truck companies throughout the city. The embryo fire fighters who volunteered for fire service have signified their intention to spend two hours on each Tuesday and Thursday night for fifteen weeks in the fire station in their immediate neighborhood. The enrollees represent four distinct types. The first group are civil service employees in city departments, excepting police, fire, transportation, health and sanitation. The second group represented is made up of retired members of the Fire Department who are physical!fit. The third group are those young men who recently competed in the civil service examination for…

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