Harrison, N. J., Maps Defense Data

Issue 9 and Volume 94.

Harrison, N. J., Maps Defense Data The Fire Department of Harrison, N. J., of which Andrew T. Callahan is Chief, has developed a large wall chart as shown in the accompanying illustration, which catalogues industrial and defense data on the city in a way that can be seen quickly. Water mains are shown in color with the pattern of striping indicating the size. Industrial plants are shown in yellow; public buildings, pink; churches, blue; residential buildings, white; water tanks, alarm boxes, hydrants, fire houses and other fire and water facilities, red; sewers (large), blue and white striped; gas mains, colored stripes; power stations, red and white; oil works, aluminum (on tanks); gas works, brown; and coal tar storage, black. Detailed sheets have been prepared for each block, and these sheets give essential data on structures, contents, etc.

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