Solves Pressure Problems

Issue 9 and Volume 94.

Solves Pressure Problems A recent addition to the fire fighting field is the Pressurator, a small gauge which is attached to the pumper, and which shows the pressure at the nozzle on a line, irrespective of the length of line, or the elevation of the nozzle. The device is placed on the outlet of a pumper, and has a connection to which the hose line is attached. The Pressurator has within it a small venturi meter which records the flow of water through the Pressurator. Having the size of the nozzle, as well as the flow in gallons per minute, the nozzle pressure can be determined. This is just what the Pressurator does. It registers on a dial the pressure at a given size nozzle for the flow of water passing through it. Thus the operator at the pump, if he wishes to maintain a certain pressure at a nozzle,…

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