Issue 9 and Volume 94.

The WATCH DESK Our inquiring reporter overhauls the firemanic news of the day Quick Oscar—the Flit—or “Gnats to You!” Out in Cleveland the F.D. Dispatcher got a phone flash: “The terminal tower (52 stories tall) is afire; smoke’s pouring out of the top floor!” Three engine, two truck companies, a rescue squad and chiefs’ cars sirened through busy Public Square and a squad of the Brothers dashed for the elevators, rose to 42nd floor, then huffed and puffed up to the 52nd floor level. Fifteen minutes later they quietly returned to the street, peeved and still puffing! “Gnats” (not “nuts”) said Battalion Chief Charles Smith, “millions of ’em, smirling and whirling around ’till they looked like smoke.” “Gnats” echoed Asst. Chief Michael Fallon—”flit back to quarters.” Thanks to C. E. M., Toledo, RHR Cleveland and an unknown who sent in this same item. It takes the flit gun Lohrville Gets…

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