Is An Industry to Be Scuttled?

Issue 10 and Volume 94.

Is An Industry to Be Scuttled? THE administration at Washington has shown real concern over the growing mortality of small manufacturers brought about by diversion of basic materials to war purposes and the expediency of having big manufacturers produce war supplies. So serious has the situation become that mandatory subletting of contracts to small plants is now planned as a means of saving the small manufacturer. And yet a bill has been recently introduced in the House of Representatives at Washington which, if enacted, will sound the death knell of many highly specialized concerns manufacturing fire apparatus, equipment and appliances in this country, and throw thousands of men out of work. Here is the bill, introduced in the House on September 29: “A BILL: To provide protection of persons and property from bombing attacks in the United States, its Territories and possessions, to authorize the procurement of materials and supplies,…

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