Macon Stores Ask Tax Rise to Aid Firemen

Issue 10 and Volume 94.

Macon Stores Ask Tax Rise to Aid Firemen Already paying 45 per cent more license taxes than last year, some 300 Macon, Ga., businessmen have asked the city to impose another 10 per cent on their operations permits. The petition was submitted on the provision that the extra 10 per cent levy be used to boost salaries of the entire personnel of the Police and Fire Departments. The petition reads as follows: “We, the undersigned, merchants of Macon, recognize and appreciate the loyal and faithful services that are being rendered by the entire personnel of our Police and Eire Departments, and that the cost of living expenses has increased, together with an increase in their duties. “We realize that the City of Macon has been called upon to provide funds for the defense program in our community and that you are unable to grant increases in salaries from your regular…

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