Among the Fire Fans

Issue 10 and Volume 94.

Among the Fire Fans BALTIMORE, Md., fire fans are due to receive invitations to join an auxiliary fire brigade. The new brigade is being formed by the Board of Fire Commissioners of Baltimore. Invitations have already been sent to all men on the department appointment list. All holders of fire line cards will next be contacted, followed by a general call to all cititzens. The departmental drill school will be opened to the volunteers, with a second drill school to be constructed as soon as the size of the enrollment warrants it. Trailer type pumps will then be spotted about the city, with volunteer crews to man them. This move has been eagerly awaited by the city’s fire fans, who have been hearing of the brigades recently formed in other cities. We note that the New York Fire Department is having little difficulties in the training of auxiliary fire fighters.…

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