Drug Store Blaze Overcomes 39 Firemen

Issue 10 and Volume 94.

Drug Store Blaze Overcomes 39 Firemen Photo by Hill Ilerries Five years ago at 59th Street and Lexington Avenue, New York, a fire broke out in an upper floor Chinese Restaurant and before firemen were able to get within the building, the place was a mass of flames, with screaming patrons running about in panic and clamoring for firemen to come to their rescue. When the second alarm companies arrived on the scene, a toll of four lives had been lost. Only recently, another second alarm blaze broke out in this same building, hut as it was in a large drug store, this turned out to be the toughest blaze of it’s kind in sometime in this location. The fire was mostly confined to the cellar and it was highly charged. There was no way of getting into the blazing inferno, until a dozen hoselines had poured into the cellar…

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