Issue 10 and Volume 94.

The WATCH DESK Our inquiring reporter overhauls the firemanic news of the day Fireman, Save My China! One of our Southern contribs sends us story about owner of a dwelling in Scotland Neck (N. C.) who besought Fireman James Wilflerson of the local Braves to venture into a burning dwelling to “save his molars.” Nothing daunted. the Brother rescued the false teeth even though the house was destroyed. Page Bro. Ripley! The month’s “Ripley” comes from F.M. in Lacross (Wash.) which tells about a storm that visited Whitman County and brought (1) lightning that burned over 15,000 ac.res of wheat and pasture land, (2) a near cloud-burst that washed the topsoil off hundreds of acres of plowed farm land—the weather phenomena occurring simultaneously, separated by only half a mile! B’lieve it or not! Flea the Firebug! Fibber M’Gee could .raise a scream with this ’un, sent by “Chief” Stanwood of…

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