Issue 12 and Volume 94.

FEDERAL AID SUGGESTED FOR FIRE DEPARTMENT PENSIONS Oklahoma City Fire Chief Sets Forth Arguments for Such Aid CHIEF G. R. McALPINE, of the Oklahoma City Fire Department, in speaking before the annual convention of the Oklahoma State Firemen’s Association, suggested that federal aid for fire department pension systems was in order. “The fire departments around the country,” said Chief Me Alpine, “have been asked to do more work in the last few months than ever before, and in the future this work and responsibility will increase. We are now cooperating with the federal government in national defense, and the civil defense, and verv likely in the future we will be called on for an additional service. “If this is true, and, if the modern methods of war affect the fire department operations more than any other organized group of people as has been true in London, we as a class…

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