Firemen Hurt as Ladder Trucks Crash

Issue 12 and Volume 94.

Firemen Hurt as Ladder Trucks Crash Two aerial trucks of the Providence Fire Department crashed on the night of November 3rd. Both trucks were proceeding to the same fire when they met at an intersection. A private who was acting captain of Ladder 10 was most seriously injured, being thrown to the street and receiving a compound fracture of the skull. Four other men received less serious head and leg injuries, all five being rushed to the hospital, where the acting captain was placed on the danger list. The cause of the crash has not as yet been officially determined. Ladder 10 had started to make a turn when Ladder from Fire Headquarters hit the tractor. The impact threw the men to the street. Ladder 10’s driver did not expect the other truck at that corner as it wasn’t the regular route for Ladder 1 to that box. Ladder 1…

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