Civil Defense Rolls Nearing 1,000,000

Issue 12 and Volume 94.

Civil Defense Rolls Nearing 1,000,000 Nearly 1,000,000 persons in the country are enrolled as volunteers under the Civilian Protection Program worked out by the Office of Civilian Defense. A total of 5,935 defense councils have been set up. The New England area, Region 1 of the Civilian Defense Program, leads in the number of defense councils, with 1,238. Region 8, which includes Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas, is second with 1,041. Region 2, made up of New York, New Jersey and Delaware, has 674 councils, 118 of which are in New York, 554 in New Jersey and two in Delaware. On May 20, when the Office of Civilian Defense was established, there were only 1,500 councils. Volunteers enrolled in the various services under the Civilian Protection program showed the following totals:

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