Toronto Landmark Razed

Issue 2 and Volume 95.

Toronto Landmark Razed The old town hall of Toronto, Ont., an eighty-one-year-old landmark of the city, was completely destroyed by fire recently. The building, five stories high, was built of brick, and had a clock tower one hundred feet high. Since the war, this building has been occupied by the Naval Association. The first company to arrive at the fire could see that the building was doomed. A second alarm was sent in six minutes later. The fire was fought from the roofs of six adjoining buildings and with streams from the aerial tower. Trolley wires were cut to permit the men to work on the aerial and ladders without undue risk. Chief Sinclair did not permit his men to approach too close to the building, as he feared the walls would give way. After the fire, the tower was ordered razed. Damage to the old city hall was estimated…

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