Issue 5 and Volume 95.

THE ROUND TABLE For Practical Discussion of Current Fire Department and Fire Management Problems FIRE HAZARDS FROM THE STORAGE OF GASOLINE FIRE Departments today face a new hazard, that of storing gasoline in homes, due to the rationing of gasoline which will take effect in some of the states within a very few weeks. It is exceedingly dangerous for inexperienced persons to store gasoline in containers in cellars, attics, or sheds even if such containers are designed for that purpose. Improvised containers make matters far worse. The discussion herewith is a continuation of last month’s. The problem in full appears in the box on this page. Earl W. Swartz, Chief, Harrisburgh, Penna.: We have no city laws governing the storage of gasoline, for the reason that we enforce the laws of the State of Pennsylvania, which specifically state that no person in the State may have on hand more than…

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