Tribute to Civilian Defense Personnel

Issue 5 and Volume 95.

Tribute to Civilian Defense Personnel Leigh Danenberg, editor of the “Sunday Herald,” Bridgeport, Conn., newspaper, paid tribute to the Civilian Defense workers and auxiliary firemen that worked courageously following the explosion that killed seven and injured over eighty workers at the Remington Arms plant in Bridgeport on March 28. The editorial in Mr. Danenberg’s paper says: “There never was much doubt that the Civilian Defense workers of this State could take it, but, if there was any, it was dispelied by their efficiency and their courageous endurance following the tragic explosion and fire at the Remington Arms plant in Bridgeport, on Saturday afternoon, March 28. “Within a comparatively few minutes after the explosion, the Civilian Defense units were functioning smoothly on the scene. They carried out innumerable assignments during the hectic first hours after the tragedy, and gave aid and comfort to scores of the injured or those suffering from…

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