Eight Killed in Blast

Issue 6 and Volume 95.

Eight Killed in Blast Eight women were killed in a blast which destroyed the fusee plant of the Central Railway Signal Company in Versailles, Pa., on April 30. Ten others were seriously injured. The plant was engaged in the manufacture of railroad signal torpedoes and flares. Police and firemen found boxes filled with the highly explosive mixture of potash and sulphur, from which the torpedoes are made, still unexploded. Fire followed the blast, but was quickly extinguished. The torpedo section of the plant was wrecked. Pieces of the steel roof of the plant were blown hundreds of feet. The tremendous detonation as the plant blew up was heard for miles. Windows for blocks in either direction were blown out. F. B. I. men sought for evidences of sabotage. The presence of the still unexploded material used in the torpedoes led some of the police at the scene to believe that…

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