Transits for Detecting the Location of Fires

Issue 9 and Volume 95.

Transits for Detecting the Location of Fires The Defense Council of the City of Paterson, N. J., recently put into operation a new fire detection system devised by a member of the council’s advisory committee, James M. Dunn. At seven locations, six within the city and one without, there have been set up transits which, during a blackout, can be used to establish compass bearings of a fire or other incident. These seven transits have been permanently established on the top of strategic buildings. The base of the transit is made up of a piece of tempered pressed wood, twentyfour inches in diameter. It is divided on the periphery into segments of five degrees. An indicator at the base provides for quick and accurate reading. The watcher looks through the telescope of the transit, sights his objective, takes his reading and reports by direct phone to Control Center. At least…

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