Control on Air Raid Protective Devices Tightened

Issue 11 and Volume 95.

Control on Air Raid Protective Devices Tightened Requests for the use of critical materials to be used in air raid protective devices for war plants will be granted in the future only after consultation with the War Production Board’s Resources Protection Board. The W. P. B. said that this decision had been made in the face of increased nation-wide demand for blackout equipment, dim-out lighting fixtures, alarm systems, fire extinguishing equipment, steel fences, camouflage paint and other items using critical materials. “This demand has grown to huge proportions and cannot possibly be met without diverting quantities of steel, brass, copper and other important metals from direct war uses which are more immediately urgent,” said the W. P. B. announcement. “The possibility of occasional bombings cannot he allowed to curtail unnecessarily the flow of critical materials to plants now making vital military items. “However, it is important to achieve a maximum…

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