Issue 11 and Volume 95.

The WATCH DESK Our inquiring reporter overhauls the firemanic news of the day “Seat” of the Fire! This ’un, according to our New England newsclipper M. B., happened in Brattleboro (Vt.). Seems that fire broke out—of all places—in fireman George Hill’s pants. Worst of all, it happened, not in his old turnouts, but in his good duds and while he was attending a meeting of the Brothers. It must’a been a “hot meeting” because, according to Chief Henry Whitney of that Department George’s pants suddenly erupted smoke and fire. Luckily the Chief was on the job and a few husky slaps in the right place “confined the blaze to point of origin”—with loss “estimated at 71 cents!” Field Day for Firemen Two Richland (S. C.) County candidates for State Senate got an even break with a group of prospective voters. Candidate Joe Berry addressed a rally of auxiliary firemen. The…

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