Explosion Traps Firemen

Issue 11 and Volume 95.

Explosion Traps Firemen Two firemen were killed, one lost a leg, ten others were injured, a number of them seriously, and ten civilian spectators were injured when a violent explosion and a three alarm fire swept the basement of the Watson-Standard Company paint and varnish factory in Pittsburgh, Pa., recently. All of the injured firemen, including the fireman who lost his life, were trapped in the basement and on the first floor of the building when the explosion took place, while the ten civilian spectators who were on the outside of the building watching the firemen at work were seared by a sheet of flame which leaped thirty feet from the basement windows and cut by flying particles of broken glass and wreckage hurled in all directions by the force of the terrific blast. The blast, which shook the entiye building, tore up the inside of the basement, blew out…

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