Issue 11 and Volume 95.

QUESTIONS and ANSWERS Wherein are answered questions relating to current problems in Fire Protection. Discharge from Hydrants To the Editor: I am going to give you the details of a fire protection system in a specific city, and I would like you to tell me which of these fire hydrants are adequate and which of them are not, under the circumstances, to furnish fire protection for a built-up section, using a 500-gallon per minute rotary gear pumper. All the hydrants listed have 2 1/2-inch outlets. The entire hydrant system is supplied by a single six-inch main. The following are the numbers of the fire hydrants and the static pressure, the residual pressure, the flow in gallons per minute and the size of the main supplying each Answer: In checking over the discharges of the various hydrants, I note that not one of them is capable of giving the capacity of…

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