Practical Training for Auxiliary Firemen

Issue 11 and Volume 95.

Practical Training for Auxiliary Firemen IN this installment of the series of articles on “Practical Training for Auxiliary Firemen” are discussed additional tools used in forcible entry work and how they are manipulated. Tools for Forcible Entry Q. Describe a Callahan door opener. A. A Callahan door opener is a lightweight door opener consisting of a rod, fitted with a handle on one end and claws on the other, such as are used for pulling nails. Q. How is the Callahan door opener used? A. It is employed in very much the same manner as the buster bar and jimmy, the pointed end being inserted between the door and jamb, and the handle forced inward. Where the door swings outward, then the pointed end is placed between the door and the jamb, and the handle is pulled outward, springing the door away from the lock. This is a comparatively light…

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