Plane Crash Fires House

Issue 11 and Volume 95.

Plane Crash Fires House Swooping down to almost ground level, an army plane piloted by Lieut. Richard M. Craighill, of Cocoran, California, crashed into the 200-year-old historical mansion of Mrs. Ruth Weeks of Valley Road, New Canaan, Conn., on October 12. Craighill’s plane failed to come out of a spin and he was instantly killed in the crash. The plane was destroyed and the recently modernized homestead was practically leveled by fire, despite the efforts of New Canaan and Norwalk firemen, who braved the plane’s exploding machine gun bullets which sprayed the area for some distance. One fireman, John Tiana, was injured during the course of the blaze. The fire quickly consumed both the plane and the spacious home, causing damage estimated at $50,000. Mrs. Weeks, owner of the modernized mansion, a maid and three workmen who were in the home at the time of the crash fled through a…

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