Issue 12 and Volume 95.

Manufacturers’Announcements Extinguisher Maintenance Important The maintenance of fire extinguishers which are credited with stopping seventy per cent of all fires is especially important when wartime production, critical materials, plants and manpower are at stake. Many businesses, institutions and civilians will be unable to get new extinguishers of approved types for the duration and consequently must keep their present equipment in good operating condition. To assist in proper maintenance a new folder entitled “Directions for Inspecting, Recharging and Maintaining Portable Fire Extinguishers” may be obtained upon request to the Pyrene Manufacturing Company, Newark, N. J. Oxygen Inhalators Presented to McKeesport Firemen Two of the latest type oxygen inhalators manufactured by the BishingerKoehler Manufacturing Company of Pittsburgh, Pa., were recently presented to the McKeesport Fire Department by the Lions Club of that city. Known as “oxygen drinking fountains,” the inhalators will be used by McKeesport firemen for “washing out” the lungs of…

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