Firemen Ordered to Save St. Paul’s

Issue 3 and Volume 96.

Firemen Ordered to Save St. Paul’s At one point in the “great fire” of London, on December 30, 1940—often likened to the Great Fire of 1666—an order came through to auxiliary firemen to save St. Paul’s Cathedral no matter what else was destroyed. Edward A. Baker, Divisional Officer of the Lodon, England, Fire Department, who recently made a lecture tour through various cities in New England, was one of those who lived through the blitz and led fire fighting forces in their heroic work. Baker, accompanied by Ex-Chief Michael T. Keena of the Hartford, Conn., Fire Department, now State Fire Co-ordinator, spoke before a large audience in the assembly hall of Warren Harding High School, Bridgeport, on December 6. With typical British directness and understatement, he described the fire in these terms: “It was unforgettable. St. Paul’s Cathedral seemed absolutely ringed with fire, and at one period its destruction seemed…

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