Manufacturers’ Announcements

Issue 5 and Volume 96.

Manufacturers’ Announcements Salvage Covers and Fire Blankets The Industrial Products Company, 2820 N. Fourth Street, Philadelphia. Pa., manufacturers of accident prevention and first aid supplies, has added to its list of products welding curtains, salvage covers and fire blankets. The salvage Cover is constructed of a special flameproof and waterproof canvas, or asbestos. Double row stitching is used on all seams, substantial hem on all four sides and the corners reinforced. They are made in any size. The fire blankets are manufactured to any size desired of Navy grade asbestos cloth. These are used for extinguishing small fires in kettles, vats and similar vessels. Carter “Chief” Trailer Pump The “Chief,” one of the trailer pumps manufactured by the Ralph B. Carter Company of Hackensack, N. J., is a complete fire engine. It has satisfactorily passed all Underwriters’ tests for its class. Two “Chiefs” provide, at the same pump pressures, approximately…

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