Paper Box Factory Destroyed by Fire

Issue 5 and Volume 96.

Paper Box Factory Destroyed by Fire Fanned by high winds, fire destroyed the Redshaw Paper Box Company at Ansonia, Conn., on April 12, and damaged the plant of the Ansonia Millwright Company. Also in its path the fire ignited several roofs and started scores of grass fires over an area of more than a mile. The blaze, which threatened the city of Ansonia with a major conflagration, caused damage estimated by Chief Lawrence Tyler at more than $30,000. Sparks from the blazing paper box factory were carried more than a mile away by the driving wind. Three alarms were sounded as the nearby towns of Derby and Shelton were put on the alert when all available firemen and apparatus in Ansonia were called out. Three firemen were injured fighting the flames at the Redshaw plant. This factory, which had been destroyed by fire in 1920 and again in 1930, may…

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