Issue 5 and Volume 96.

The WATCH DESK Our inquiring reporter overhauls the firemanic news of the day Chiefs Right On the Job! Two items demonstrating the way our seasoned chiefs go to work when necessary arrive from contribs. Wm. N. Schwartz, Ocean Grove (N. J.) sends story of Chief Ralph Jones of Red Bank (N. J.) who discovered his own car afire, in front of his house. He rushed out of the house with an extinguisher and was getting in some swell licks when his men pulled up. Somebody had sent in the alarm—then, evidently afraid of what they’d done, they ducked. * * * The other tidbit concerns an old friend, Chief Ray Tiller, Waterloo (Ia.) who, according to our newsscout’s clipping, “caught fire himself.” It happened this way: Attending a city council meeting, Chief Tiller gracefully accepted a cigar from Mayor Ralph B. Slippy, just as the council went into session as…

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