New System of Hosing for Firefighting

Issue 5 and Volume 96.

New System of Hosing for Firefighting A new system of hose coupling for firefighting was demonstrated in Edinburgh, Scotland, recently when the National Fire Service made the first public demonstration of a system of steel piping and couplings for use in firefighting. The pipes are six-inch diameter steel piping and the laying of 1,000 feet in forty-nine sections was completed in twenty-nine minutes. The use of steel piping has many obvious advantages in blitz conditions and it is to meet these that it has been evolved. The Edinburgh development also demonstrated the value of steel piping for the use of a vastly heavier head of water, over 1,000 gallons of water being pumped in one minute through the piping. The South Eastern area of the N.F.S. in which Edinburgh is located has added to the value of this new system by devising special tongs which enable the piping to be…

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