Issue 6 and Volume 96.

The WATCH DESK Our inquiring reporter overhauls the firemanic news of the day Bouquets to Muscular John Koruda The man on the flying trapeze had nothing on stalwart 53-year old John Koruda, Jersey City (N. J.) who swung four persons to safety from a third-story window when fire swept a rooming house. Those saved were Mrs. Jean Hilton, her 9-months old infant, and her husband, and John Guida, who was preparing to jump 45 feet to the pavement, when he was saved. Mr. Koruda was asleep in a bedroom of an adjoining building to that afire, when his daughter discovered Mr. Hilton leaning out the window to escape the flames. He swung his leg out the apartment window; straddled the window sill facing Mrs. Hilton, then, as his daughter held his other leg, he reached across the 4-foot alleyway and took the baby. This done he locked hands with Mrs.…

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