Air Raid Wardens Build Fire Engine

Issue 6 and Volume 96.

Air Raid Wardens Build Fire Engine The great urgency for equipping the armed forces has made it practically impossible for Civilian Defense units to acquire equipment involving critical materials. Consequently much improvising has been necessary. Such an improvised unit is the fire engine built by the air raid wardens of Post 46, Upper Darby, Penna. It consists of a Myers double acting house force pump mounted on a fifty-five gallon steel drum and equipped with a pair of farm wheels with drop axle. To the pump has been added an air chamber made from a two by six inch pipe nipple and cap. This acts as a cushion and enables the wardens to force a steady stream of water through 3/4-inch garden hose over the top of a three story iiouse. The supply of water carried in the drum lasts about thirty-five minutes. Among the advantages claimed for this improvised…

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