With the Editor

Issue 7 and Volume 96.

With the Editor Landis Urges Deferment of Firemen At the annual conference of the Eastern Association of Fire Chiefs, held at Baltimore, Md., on June 25, James M. Landis, Director of the Office of Civilian Defense, stated that firemen should receive a selective service classification similar to that granted physicians. Pointing out that the draft had seriously depleted the fire fighting forces, which now face great difficulty in obtaining replacements, Dean Landis added that the problem “has reached proportions which involve a real threat to the public in some of the critical war zones of this country.” “Firemen,” Landis said, “have always been regarded as persons in essential industries by the Selective Service System. This, of course, never meant that they should be automatically deferred. It does mean, however, that in critical areas where dire hazards to war industries have increased abnormally, when manpower shortages are acute, firemen have an…

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