Issue 7 and Volume 96.

The WATCH DESK Our inquiring reporter overhauls the firemanic news of the day The “Key” to the Situation Members of the Quincy (Mich.) volunteer F. D. will respond quickly to a night alarm—providing they remember their key to the building housing the fire truck. The apparatus is stored in what until recently was the community’s only all-night garage. Well, the garage went on a 72-hour week and is locked at night so each fire vamp has been issued a key to the building. Lessee, somewhere else in these “minutes” we recollect reporting on another case, in which the Brothers were locked in at their fire station. Costly Proof! Half a dozen avid clippers sent us the story about Portland (Ore.) department’s red face! Seems the Braves got it attempting to demonstrate their contention that storing gasoline in unapproved quarters was dangerous. They seized a drum of the fuel and took…

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