Active Members Present at the I.A.F.C. Convention, Chicago

Issue 9 and Volume 96.

Active Members Present at the I.A.F.C. Convention, Chicago L.F. Elkins. Chief. Decatur. Ala. R.B. Hill. Chief. Bessemar. Ala. E.L. Mathews. Chief. Tuscaloosa. Ala. Walter W. Stephen. Chief. Monsanto Chemical Company. Anniston. Ala. M.J. Brun, Chief. Fort Smith. Ark. J. Carmichael. Chief. Little Rock. Ark. J. A. Embree, Chief. Hope. Ark. William S. Johnson. Chief. S. W. Proving Grounds. Hope. Ark. J. P. Linebarier. Chief. Ordnance Works. El Dorado. Ark. Frank H. Smith. Chief. El Dorado. Ark. Eugene H. Enos, Chief. 20th Century Fox. Los Angeles. Cal. Howard Heringer. Chief. Rio Vista Cal. Edward Lamb. Ex-Chief. Stanford Uni vereity. San Francisco. Cal. William Meinheit. Chief, Berkeley. Cal. Jay W. Stevens. San Francisco. Cal. John Stone. Chief. East Vallejo. Cal. Albert J. Sullivan. Chief. San Francisco. Cal. J. J. Fitzpatrick. Chief. Pueblo. Colo. John F. Healy. Chief. Denver. Colo. F.A. Taylor. Chief. Colorado Springs. Colo. Thomas F. Cavanaugh. Chief. Waterbury. T. H.…

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