Protection of Airplane Plants

Issue 9 and Volume 96.

Protection of Airplane Plants Fire is the greatest menace confronting airplane and plane parts plants, Col. Ray G. Harris, Supervisor of the Midwesten Procurement District of the Army Air Forces, said in a statement recently. It is Col. Harris’ job to see that the airplane plants in thirteen midwestern and southwestern states which include Kansas, Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico, keep up the tremendous output of combat and training planes for the Army under the redoubled war program without hitch, on schedule, and according to specifications. The task of fire prevention in the plants is delegated to Captain Donald Holbrook, District Fire Protection Officer, who operates an inspection system from headquarters at Wichita, Kansas. “Whether caused by sabotage or carelessness, damage by fires in plane plants can be kept at a minimum by an efficient fire prevention and control organization,”…

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