With the Editor

Issue 11 and Volume 96.

With the Editor A New Wartime Hazard An explosion in the Peabody Theatre at Memphis, Tenn., a few weeks ago emphasized a new hazard brought about by wartime restrictions on the use of refrigerants. Because of inability to secure the type of gas specified for use in the refrigerating equipment of the theatre’s air conditioning plant, the management substituted another gas widely used in refrigerating systems. Ignition of this substitute gas, some of which had leaked out of the system, caused an explosion which killed one man and severely burned another. The gas which was supposed to be used in the system was non-inflammable while that substituted was inflammable. That there will be many such cases of substitution is certain, for if one type of refrigerant is unobtainable, the user in desperation will take any which is available whether or not it is safe for his particular installation. Fire departments…

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