Issue 11 and Volume 96.

QUESTIONS and ANSWERS Wherein are answered questions relating to current problems in Fire Protection. Washer or Gasket? To the Editor: We have had considerable discussion as to the proper name for the rubber or composition ring that is used between hose couplings to make a water tight joint. Some parties refer to it as a gasket, while others call it a washer. What is your opinion? H. G. C. Answer: The rubber, or composition, ring that is used between hose couplings in a hose line is commonly known as a “washer.” When John R. Freeman made his tests on fire hose in 1889, and published them under the title of “Experiments Relating to Hydraulics of Fire Streams,” he referred to the ring as a washer. As Mr. Freeman’s work represents the basis on which all modern fire department hydraulics is established, it is believed his designation of “washer” is correct.…

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