Practical Training for Auxiliary Firemen

Issue 11 and Volume 96.

Practical Training for Auxiliary Firemen IN this installment of the series of articles on “Practical Training for Auxiliary Firemen” are discussed fire streams. Q. What limits the size of a stream which may be taken from a hose layout at a fire. A. Several factors limit the size of the stream which may be secured from a given layout. The principal ones are: the size of the engine, the length of the line (or lines), the diameter of the hose and the type of layout. Q. In what way does the size of an engine limit the size of the stream? A. The discharge of a certain number of gallons per minute at a certain pressure represents a definite amount of work. If the fire engine’s power is less than that represented by the discharge and the pressure then the engine cannot carry the load. For example, when a fire…

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