Manufacturers’ Announcements

Issue 1 and Volume 97.

Manufacturers’ Announcements Squeez-Grip Valve Adopted as Standard by U. S. Navy The “Squeez-Grip” type valve for hand-type carbon dioxide fire extinguishers originated and developed by the C-O-Two Fire Equipment Company, Newark, N. J., has been adopted as standard by the U. S. Navy Bureau of Ships. The valve has also passed tests of the U. S. Bureau of Standards and is on the approved listing of the Coast Guard Merchant Marine Committee for use on passenger and cargo vessels in accordance with U. S. Senate Report No. 184. In line with this approval, the new valve is now being specified exclusively for all new carbon dioxide hand-type extinguishers for use on Navy ships and also for those being furnished to the Bureau of Aeronautics, Yards and Docks and the Coast Guard. Other agencies of the armed services which have approved the valve, and to which it is now being regularly…

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