Hydrant Inspection and Repair— A Wartime Project

Issue 1 and Volume 97.

Hydrant Inspection and Repair— A Wartime Project In this constructive article, Mr. Jackson describes a very beneficial project carried out at Little Rock, Ark. While the work was done entirely by water works employees at Little Rock, other cities, where hydrant inspections are performed by members of the fire department, might well carry out similar projects by having firemen handle most of the details. At any rate a hydrant maintenance project, properly executed, will prove highly beneficial to any city. THE average waterworks operator has been confronted with two major wartime developments; a reduction of trained personnel, and a stoppage of normal construction work. Fortunately, these two developments are compensating in nature, and in a few instances a nice balance is maintained. Quite often, however, it becomes necessary to adjust the work scheduled to attain a satisfactory balance between the work load and the available personnel. In the case of…

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