Issue 1 and Volume 97.

THE BOOK SHELF FIRE PROTECTION AND A. R. P. YEAR BOOK 1943-4-4, published by Lomax, Erskine & Company, Ltd., Aldwych House, London, W.C. 2. Includes 276 pages and appendix. Price seven shillings and sixpence. For the fifth successive year this very instructive handbook has made its appearance. It is designed chiefly for the National Fire Service and air raid precautions personnel. Included in the handbook are chapters on the National Fire Service, with maps of the various fire force areas; the Empire fire brigades; National Fire Service and A. R. P. officers; data on water supply; information on governmental departments and legislation; miscellaneous data on specifications of extinguishers and other equipment and on other phases of fire protection and prevention; and a classified directory of the various fire fighting and A. R. P. appliances.

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