Issue 1 and Volume 97.

FALSE ALARMS His Horse A buck private and his girl were riding out in the country on horseback. As they stopped for a rest the two horses rubbed necks affectionately. “Ah, me,” sighed the private, “that’s what I’d like to do.” “Well, go ahead,” answered the girl; “it’s your horse.” Wits Sergeant: “So this is a battle of wits between you and me?” Corporal: “No; I never pick on a man who is unarmed.” Late Train Passenger: “Why is our train late?” Porter: “Well, suh, de train in front is behind, and we was behind before besides.” “I paid five hundred dollars for that dog—part collie and part bull.” “Which part is bull?” “The part about the five hundred dollars.” Horse sense is something a horse has which keeps him from betting on people. Steel Wool “The directions say to rub the surface down with steel wool. What on earth…

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