Thirty-One Fire Companies Battle War Plant Blaze

Issue 1 and Volume 97.

Thirty-One Fire Companies Battle War Plant Blaze For the first time since the Normandie fire, apparatus was summoned on fire alarms at 7:10 on the night of October 8 to fight a blaze in the terminal warehouse of the International Diesel Electric Company in Long Island City, N. Y. While firemen from thirty-one companies battled the flames as they destroyed valuable Diesel engine units awaiting delivery to the Army and Navy, two 20,000-watt transformers remained in operation. Water poured on the flames from street hoses, two fire towers and two fireboats caused recurring short circuits in the transformers. The fire was brought under control at 8:54 p. m., just as it appeared that the firemen would no longer be able to remain within working distance, for the flames menaced the steel girders supporting two six-ton overhead railway cranes running the length of the rambling eighty-flve-foot structure and threatened to send…

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