Issue 1 and Volume 97.

WAR FARE Alarms and Discussions Clipped and Culled from the War News of the Day, of Interest to rise Fire Service. Bomber Fumbles—Ooops! We don’t think we printed this’un before—sent us by “Anonymous” about “the bombing of America.” It happened some time ago, but it’s just as well to repeat it—keeps us from being too complacent about the war. William McL. Ferguson and his wife —he’s a member of the Virginia House of Delegates, incidentally—were standing near their house at Newport News (Va.) when an army plane passed overhead, There was a whistling, who-o-o-shing sound, a crash, and suddenly there appeared two big craters “big enough for a man to get into,” said Ferguson, only about 100 yards from where they stood. At Langley Field, the exec’ officer said they “were just light practice bombs,” no doubt, dropped in error by defective release mechanism. Orchids to “Peewee” Private Margaret H.…

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