Handling Ship Fires

Issue 2 and Volume 97.

Handling Ship Fires FIRES aboard ships are far more difficult as problems of control and extinguishment than fires in buildings. The concentrations of highly inflammable, and at times explosive, cargoes in confined and inaccessible portions of vessels, combined with inadequate venting mediums, are the major difficulties encountered by the Fire Department. Then we have the problem of getting streams directly on burning materials, or cargo or other burnable substances that may be exposed to fire. Ships provide more than the usual number of concealed spaces for the travel of fire. Piers to which such vessels may be moored, or adjacent piers, the contents of such piers, barges, lighters, tankers supplying such vessels or other ships, weather, wind, tide and harbor traffic are all factors which have a bearing on the handling of a ship fire. Add to the foregoing the fact that in almost every harbor on the Atlantic, the…

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